Eyes of Rally – Volume 1




Rallying is an unpredictable sport that thrusts competitors into action across an incredible variety of terrains (tarmac, gravel), weather conditions, and idyllic landscapes. For anyone involved in this sport, it presents a unique challenge with countless stories to tell.

It has long been evident to us that sharing these stories through photographs, as seen through our eyes, is far more effective than words. This is the foundation of Eyes of Rally, our passionate journey as photographers in the World Rally Championship for almost a decade.

Tired of witnessing so many pictures taken, instantly shared, “consumed,” primarily on digital platforms, and then quickly forgotten, we have chosen to showcase our work through a high-quality book.


Le projet artistique

What better way to showcase our personal perspective on rally photography than through a book that emphasizes the aesthetic and original aspects of the scenery? Such a timeless medium allows us to appreciate colors, textures, light, and contrast in a unique way.

This is not about compiling our annual ‘best-of’ collection or detailing the sporting results of each round. Instead, it’s about visually enhancing every facet of this sport through our own photographs.

This premium item is designed to immerse you in the special stage atmosphere. Every detail, from the paper quality and cover manufacturing technique to the format and layout, has been carefully considered.

And who knows? Perhaps this Volume 1 is just the beginning of a long adventure.


Caractéristiques du livre

To promote our treasures, we have opted for a premium medium. The renowned French printing company, Escourbiac, will oversee the printing process. There is no more fitting choice than entrusting our work to a company that has won multiple ‘Cadrat d’or’ awards (the oldest and most prestigious French printing prize) and whose employees are true perfectionists when it comes to paper.

Foreword by Julien Ingrassia, 6-time world rally champion co-driver

160 pages | Portrait orientation, 24 x 30 cm format | Approximately 200 color photographs | Bilingual text in English and French | Printed on modern semi-matte 170 g/m² paper (PEFC-certified, sourced from sustainable forests) at Escourbiac press, located in the Tarn region, France.



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